SubHub meets Diahann Boock of Diahann Boock Consulting

SubHub meets Diahann Boock of Diahann Boock Consulting

Diahann Boock

“If you want a one-stop shop to create a blog and launch products/services, SubHub is for you. Their customer service is just that customer focused and service oriented…” – Diahann Boock.

Over time, even the most promising professional can get stuck in neutral. Diahann Boock’s mission is to help leaders achieve their full potential. In 2010, Diahann set up her website with the support of SubHub.

SubHub spoke with Diahann about her company, her website, and how she turned her passion into profit: “We spend 60 percent of our lives working, so we should invest in ourselves. Don’t just work, work your career…”


Can you tell us a little bit about your background and what led to you setting up your site?
Diahann: “When I retired from a highly demanding corporate executive job I wanted to continue working, but with less stress. The part I enjoyed most about that job was helping people progress. I decided I wanted to be a business and leadership coach. My mission is to help people get from where they are to where they want to be. My vision is to increase awareness and improve performance in a variety of areas. We spend 60 percent of our lives working, so we should invest in ourselves. Don’t Just Work, Work Your Career.”

Why did you decide to use SubHub and how long did it take for your website to be online?
Diahann: “I launched with SubHub in 2010 and I was online in a few weeks. I’ve been through a couple website generations since then, with my most recent refresh launching in 2015. It was a little easier in 2010 when I had less content, so this relaunch took a tad more than a few weeks.”

How involved were you in developing the website, and did you have any experience in creating a website before?
Diahann: “In the corporate world I created websites, and by that I mean I provided oral direction and someone else built. I can honestly say I had zero hands-on experience when I started. However, after a nice glass of wine I felt more comfortable. I was, and am, very involved in the ongoing growth of my website.”

How hands on are you with updating your site? Do you create everything yourself, do you have any staff, or do you outsource?
Diahann: “For the most part I do 99.9% of everything myself. I really should be more afraid of breaking things, but thank goodness it is hard to break. I do outsource some graphic design creation to Fiverr, as that skill is not in my top 10.”

How much time do you spend updating your website?
Diahann: “I go in waves. On average it is one hour per week, and that estimate doesn’t include content research and creation. However, when I have a product or program launch the time investment is more intense.”

How do you interact with members and what’s the key to keeping them happy?
Diahann: “Forums and social media is the primary connection. The key to happiness is receiving lots of value and free content doesn’t hurt either.”

How has SubHub enabled you to grow?
Diahann: “Plug and play solutions that do not require a PHD in technology. Their customer service is just that customer focused and service oriented. I have to shout out *Louise* as she has been a valued partner for years.”

How have you grown your email subscribers and how do you manage them?
Diahann: “If I could give one piece of advice it would be to actively work on growing your list from day one. I didn’t do that, and I wish I did. That said, I create new free content to incent subscription twice a year. I actively provide valuable content to subscribers. I leverage MailChimp to manage this process.”

How important is your website for your business?
Diahann: “It is very often the first impression of me. I work in a saturated field and having a professional and useful website is imperative to my success.”

Diahann’s website at

Now that you’ve created a website, how do you make money from it?
Diahann: “My strategy is two-fold. 1) Prospects learn about me and we connect through the site and it generates one-on-one clients and 2) Online programs for those that want coaching services delivered in a self directed environment.”

What has been the most effective way to drive traffic to your website?
Diahann: “Social media has been key to traffic generation. I review analytics to understand my most valuable content. From those learnings, I create content that my audience is interested in learning. My next endeavor is to increase efforts in SEO to leverage organic search as a traffic generator.”

From your experience, what are the basic steps somebody needs to take to setup and develop a successful website?
1. Gather Your Resources
2. Get a domain name
3. Set up SubHub to host
4. Log into SubHub
5. Select Design Template
6. Write Your First Post
7. Load your New Content
8. Get Social Sharing Tools
9. Load Analytics
10. Review Analytics
11. Continuously add Content – Review and Repeat

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of starting their own website with SubHub?
Diahann: “The longer you wait, the longer it takes. If you want a one-stop shop to create a blog and launch products/services, SubHub is for you. When making your hosting and platform decision, if you lack strong technical skills and don’t want to pay to outsource all your integration and development, go with a simple, out of the box solution.”

What can people expect from your site or company in 2015?
Diahann: “A lot. 2015 is a year of piloting many new and different products. I’m also focusing my attention to the small things that make a difference in creating a fantastic user experience. Please stop by at and let me know what you think.”

Discover more about Diahann Boock at or visit her social media channels for more information. To get started with your own website, visit and start your free 14-day trial now.

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