SubHub meets Jeff Evans, Founder of Inside Beer

Jeff Evans is a professional beer writer. For more than 25 years, he’s been tasting the best beers in the world and then writing about them in books and magazines, providing tasting notes for brewers and retailers, and hosting beer tasting events for groups and organizations of all sizes.

Born in South Wales, Jeff is a language graduate from the University of Reading. He began writing professionally about beer in the 1980s, putting years of practical experience to good use. Jeff is the author of the ‘Good Bottled Beer Guide’, ‘A Beer a Day’, ‘The Book of Beer Knowledge’ and other titles. In 2009, with the support of SubHub, Jeff set up his website, where more about his passion for great beer can be discovered. 

SubHub spoke with Jeff about his passion for beer, his experience with SubHub, and the journey he’s taken to get where he is today.

Jeff, what led you to start writing about beer?
Jeff: “I began writing about beer in the 1980s, putting years of practical experience to good use. Since then I travelled the world and sampled offerings from the best breweries, writing books, columns and providing tasting notes for retailers along the way.”

Why did you decide to start your own website using SubHub?
Jeff: “In 2009, I set up to consolidate my online presence.  I decided to set up the website to complement the books I write and to augment the features I supply for various publications around the world. I was finding that there was always more I could write about beer than was required by print media. I’d go on trips to the USA, Belgium, Czech Republic and other countries and only be able to use a small part of what I discovered. By setting up my own website, I could make full use of my beer travels.”

What were your intentions with your website?
Jeff: “My initial thoughts were to run the site on a subscription basis, but I soon decided to make the site free and open. This allows me to target selected advertisers and build up a bigger awareness of the work I do.”

How do you interact with members?
Jeff: “Interaction with readers comes through Twitter and Facebook, rather than through the site itself, which is set up as ‘read-only’. I figured I could spend too much time reacting to comments if these were invited on every article and news piece I posted.”

Did you notice any increase in awareness of your brand since the use of you website through SubHub?
Jeff: “I was fortunate that when I set up the site, I was already well known as a beer writer, but the site has certainly consolidated my position at a time when the print media world has been in a state of change. It has also introduced me to new markets, particularly in Eastern Europe, where I’ve been commissioned to give numerous talks and seminars.”

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