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Subscription or Membership Websites – Top 10 Subjects

Subscription or Membership Websites – Top 10 Subjects

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is “what are the most popular subjects for subscription or membership websites?”

Before showing you the list, I want to make a very important point.

There are dozens of successful membership sites in the niches below, which clearly suggest that there is money to be made from these subjects.  However, it also means that these membership subjects are very competitive.

My advice is don’t choose a subject or niche just because you think it will make money. Choose a subject because you are passionate about it and you WILL find a way to make money from it.

It doesn’t need to be in one of the areas listed below.

On the web, with its global reach, any subject can become a profitable business.

Here is my list of the top 10 most popular subject areas for subscription or membership websites, which I have illustrated with a few example sites. If you want some SubHub examples, check out our Case Studies.

I call the following topics the healthy, wealthy and wise subjects.


Subject #1 – Weight Loss, Fitness and Exercise

Diets and fitness are evergreen subjects. They will always find a willing audience happy to pay for advice.

eDiets.com Homepage Screenshot

Example membership site in this niche – eDiets.com


Subject #2 – Health

Closely aligned to #1, health is becoming an important subject for information and membership sites. They cover topics such as dealing with children with illness, coping with your own illness, vitamins, mental health, etc.

 DrWeil.com Homepage Screenshot


HerbMentor.com Homepage Screenshot

Example membership sites in this niche – DrWeil.com and HerbMentor.com


Subject #3 – Starting a Business (including a Home-Based Business)

Starting a business has always been popular in the magazine and print newsletter world. This popularity has now transferred to the online world. Some membership sites deal with part-time businesses working from home, such as making money on eBay. Others are more professional, helping entrepreneurs put together business plans and raising funding.

DrWeil.com Homepage Screenshot



Subject #4 – Make Money from an Existing Business

Making existing businesses more successful is a rapidly growing area of online publishing. These sites enable business people in the same industry to share tips, tricks and opportunities to build their business. These websites are often far more practical and down to earth than industry associations.

runningrestaurants.com homepage screenshot

Example membership site in this niche – RunningRestaurants.com


Subject #5 – Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has become a sector in its own right, with dozens of membership websites emerging over the last five years. They look at every niche marketing subject including SEO, SEM, social media marketing, pay per click, etc.

marketingsherpa.com homepage screenshot

blogsuccess.com homepage screenshot

Example membership sites in this niche – MarketingSherpa.com and BlogSuccess.com


Subject #6 – Making Money from Investing

Newsletters with share and investment tips have been around for a long time. Now many of them are moving online. There are a few very important advantages from being on the internet. These include the ability to provide real-time updates, interactive charts, discussion forums where members can discuss tips and archives of trading information so members can look back at previous recommendations.

Motley fool.com homepage screenshot

Example membership site in this niche – Fool.com


Subject #7 – Improve Your Personal Life

The subject of dating and relationships continues to grow as an important market sector, with many huge sites turning over millions of pounds. uDate.com has 6,000 new members join every day. Friend Finder has over 6 million registered users. Introductions are a sector dominated by the big players, but there are still a lot of opportunities for subscription websites in related subject areas.

 eHarmony.com Homepage Screenshot


sugardaddie.com homepage

Example membership sites in this niche – eHarmony.com and Sugardaddie.com


Subject #8 – Learn How to…

These are sites that educate and train amateurs and enthusiasts alike to pursue a hobby or improve their skills. It could be needlework, fly-fishing or digital photography.

writingformoney.com homepage screenshot


Example membership site in this niche – WritingForMoney.com


Subject #9 – Moving to…

These are sites about moving to a new place or country, usually a sunny climate. Over the last few years, this has become a very popular subject.

 internationalliving.com homepage screenshot


dreamofitaly.com homepage screenshot

Example membership sites in this niche – InternationalLiving.com and DreamOfItaly.com


Subject #10 – Lifestyle and Religion

Websites that are communities, centred around a kind of lifestyle or religious belief attract strong and loyal followings.

 preachingtoday.com homepage screenshot


ohnshelbyspong.com homepage screenshot

Example membership sites in this niche – PreachingToday.com and JohnShelbySpong.com


As I said, you do NOT need to write about one of the subjects above to create a successful subscription or membership website. With global reach and a deep knowledge of where your customers can be found, even the most specialist subject can become a successful membership site.

Paid-for content revenues are growing across the world.

There has never been a better time to start a subscription or membership website.

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