Summer Design Promotion

Summer Design Promotion

Summer, Summer, Summertime…

SubHub Summer Promo

We don’t mean to burst your bubble but if you thought that it was time to relax and unwind, think again!

Summer is the perfect time to finally make your dream business a reality or work towards making the changes you have always wanted to.

If your business is slower during the summer, take advantage of the free time by getting started with SubHub. With our featured packed platform and dedicated support team, we can help you profit from your passion in no time.

This summer we are making it even easier for you to launch your money making website:

  • If you sign up to our monthly package, we will allocate you with two hours of free website design template updates.
  • Even better, if you sign up to the annual package, not only do you receive two months of free hosting, we will also credit you with five hours of free design updates.

There are lots of options when updating your template, including:

  • New background image or colour
  • Change font family
  • Modify colour scheme
  • Insert homepage slider
  • Change the homepage layout
  • Customise the subscribe page

Whether you already have a website or are planning on launching one, we can help you make your dream website a reality.

Book a call with the team and make your memberships work for you this summer.

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