video content

Video Editing – Quick Tips

Uploading video content is a great way to boost SEO optimization and drive traffic to your site, but It’s advisable to ensure your footage looks as professional as possible.   There’s no real need to invest in expensive editing software if you’re just starting out as, nowadays, even the most...

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Intellectual Property

Copyright Free Material to Bring Your Videos to Life

It can be tempting to soundtrack your videos with punchy chart-topping hits, but doing so means you risk infringing upon copyright law. Many social media platforms, particularly YouTube and Facebook, can automatically spot third-party content and may block your posts altogether, so it’s wise to err on the side of...

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5 Tips For Better Video Interviews

SubHub allows you to easily upload video content, which can improve SEO rankings and drive traffic to your site. Video interviews have the power to capture and engage new audiences - a great platform for customer interaction.  However, poorly-produced material can turn people away and reflect badly upon your brand....

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