Take a Crack at Conversion with Crazy Egg

Take a Crack at Conversion with Crazy Egg

For anyone owning a website business, the word “conversion” is one of the hottest topics. We all want as much insight as possible about our visitors with the aim to convert them to a subscriber or shopper.

Many of us rely on Google Analytics to help analyse our visitor traffic. And yet, however much information we gather there always seems to be another piece of the puzzle missing.

So if you want to delve deeper into your user’s engagement, you might want to give Crazy Egg a try. It is a tool whose goal is to help you fill in some of those blanks.

CrazyEgg consists of four features which measure engagement through click tracking and display their findings in graphic representations.

First there is the Heat map, which tracks where people click on your website. The Scroll map reveals how far your visitors scroll a page and where they lose interest. The Overlay report provides specific click numbers on each element. And finally Confetti, uncovers, in-depth, your click traffic sources.

All this added information can reveal which content is of most interest to your visitors – which should be updated or added to, what images should contain links, the effectiveness of ad placement and much, much more.

It couldn’t be easier to get started just copy and paste your tracking code and select the page you want analysed.  So head over to Crazy Egg and start your 30-day free trial today.

No one product delivers a complete picture but with CrazyEgg a bit more of the mystery is revealed.



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