How to Write an Article in Just 30 Minutes

How to Write an Article in Just 30 Minutes

Do you spend hours slogging over an article, wishing you could make the process quicker and easier? It’s a common problem that all bloggers have suffered with at one time or another.

In this post i’ll take you through the steps I follow to put together an article in just 30 minutes or less . . .

1. Easy one this — come up with a subject for your article!

2. Put together a bullet-pointed list of the content / subject matter you want to include within your article.

3. Don’t write and publish your article immediately. Once i’ve made my initial points, I always try and give the article breathing space and mull over the content for a day or two. usually, you’ll get some great additional ideas this way, before you come to sit down and start writing.

4. Review the number of ideas that you want to cover and then think about the overall objective of the article. You’ll usually find that some of your points may unneccessarily lengthen your article or water down / confuse what you’re trying to get across. Edit your list of ideas accordingly before beginning your article.

5. Develop a strategy for overcoming writers block. Read our article,’Writers Block and How to Overcome It‘, for some handy tips.

6. If you start to struggle, come back to your article later. Unless your ideas are flowing fast and furiously, don’t be afraid to take a break. Nothing reads more badly than an article that has been ‘forced’.

7. Rather than writing in paragraphs, consider using bullet / numbered points to get your key points across (take this article as an example). It helps you keep your content concise and people like this form of writing as it’s easy to digest.

8. Never sit on a good idea. If you’re like me, you’ll have a great idea that randomly comes to you, then think to yourself, ‘i’ll use that at some point’. Resist the temptation to save these ideas for a rainy day, as other good ideas will always follow. Act on them and write about them while the iron is hot.

I hope these tips help you speed up your article writing process. I’m sure if you’re writing content constantly, you’ll have some tips of your own. Why not share them in the comments below!

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