Top 10 Websites to Help You Make Show stopping Videos

Video is huge online right now, and is only going to get bigger. To help you craft the perfect videos for your membership site, SubHub has compiled a list of the best online resources for all budding video-makers. Annnnd Action!

1. Film Riot

Hosted by the hyper-active Ryan Connolly, Film Riot offers fantastically fast-paced how-to videos for all stages of production. If you’re thinking of starting a project, head here first.

2. Indy Mogul

On a similar note, Indy Mogul also provide tutorials for low-budget filmmakers looking to improve their skills, with a library of over 1,200 videos.

3. Free Music Archive

An easy-to-use service that boasts thousands of copyright-free MP3s, all available to download completely free of charge.

4. Videoblocks 

Whether you’re looking for a city skyline or need some fancy fireworks, you’ll find video clips of just about everything here. Again, they’re royalty-free and easy to download. Why not join for the month, and stock up!

5. Shooting People

Billed as the ‘Network for Independent Film Creatives’, Shooting People hosts regular blogs, competitions and events. A great community to join.

6. Raindance

‘At the Heart of Indie Filmmaking since 1992’, Raindance can boast premiering Pulp Fiction, Memento and The Blair Witch Project at its annual film festival. Here, you’ll find tips on everything from screenwriting and directing to promoting and marketing.

7. PowToon

A funky alternative to PowerPoint or Keynote, PowToon promises to ‘easily evolve your presentation to awesomeness!’. A simple and intuitive tool that allows you to create animated videos and share them online, free-of-charge.

8. Videomaker

An online magazine, bringing you latest news, tips and techniques used by the pros. There are also forums that you can dip into for expert advice.

9. Art of the Guillotine

A comprehensive guide to all things in the film editing world, with in-depth blogs, video tutorials and a series of podcasts.

10. Free SFX

Amplify your production with just about any audio clip you could imagine. Cracking thunder, dc hoody whirling winds, and heavy rain ate just a click away. Again, free-of-charge.

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