Trello – A New Way to Get Organised

Trello – A New Way to Get Organised

For many of us, making lists is a way of life. They help us to create a semblance of order to the challenge we have of organising life’s big and little tasks. I myself have always been an old-fashioned pen and paper person, until, that is, I discovered the web app called Trello.

With Trello, lists are arranged in scrollable columns on a board and each activity is on a card which can then be moved between the lists as you proceed through a task from intention, to action, to its completion.

The presentation is crisp and intuitive. And as it can be viewed on any screen, you’re never without it.

For small teams, it’s a great way to communicate and keep track of everyone’s projects as each card is customisable with an avatar. There are loads of other features as well: checklists, filters, calendars, archive, comments and search.

Best of all, it’s free. Just find it here and get yourself organised.


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