To get the maximum out of your marketing budget using Google Analytics, you need to know which strategies do and which don’t work. Once you know what does work, you can invest more time and money into it for a maximum Return On Investment.

Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools for keeping up with website statistics, but a lot of people don’t yet know what all those numbers mean!

Here I will clarify some key terms:

A session is a visit to your website. Within 1 session, multiple pages can be visited. One person can have multiple sessions on a day, so the amount of sessions does not indicate how many different people have visited your website.

A user is a unique computer or device that has visited your website. If someone visits your website on the iPhone and afterwards on the computer, then Google Analytics will count this as 2 different users. If 2 different people visit your website on the same computer, then this will be seen as 1 user.

Traffic Sources
The traffic sources indicate through which main channels your website is being visited. This is divided into 5 main categories, namely Organic Search, Referral, Direct, Paid Search and Social Media. It is not only very important to measure how many visits you get per channel, but also which results are being achieved through this, such as the buying of a product, filling out a contact form or subscribing to the newsletter.

Bounce Rate
The Bounce Rate is the percentage of the visitors who only visit 1 page and also stay on this page for less than 30 seconds. This can have various causes: it could be that someone has immediately found the information he was looking for or that the website is not relevant for him. It could also be that the page doesn’t load quickly enough or is unattractive for this visitor.

Goal conversion
Google Analytics gives you the possibility to set goals, such as purchase of a product, filling out of a contact form or subscribing to the news letter. Via the Goal Conversion functionality you can see the extent to which these goals are being reached. You can measure this down to the smallest level, for example per channel, per country, city or per type of device.

About The Author

Alexander Galarraga

Director at SPIN Internet Media.