4 Ways to Create New Member Products with Drip Content

4 Ways to Create New Member Products with Drip Content

create online courses with subhubMembership websites succeed when they consistently provide meaningful value to their members.

Delivering content on a regular basis keeps members engaged and mindful of the ongoing benefit their membership provides.

Drip feeding content is one strategy used to achieve this goal.

Drip content is the scheduled release of website material on a timed basis – usually triggered upon subscription signup.

Besides reinforcing members of your website’s relevance to their lives, drip content has the added bonus of easing the burden of having to continually produce new website material.

SubHub’s new drip content feature can be used in a variety of ways – from increasing your revenue by creating a passive income stream – to enhancing your signup offerings with incentivising course freebies.

1. Generate a passive income stream by designing & selling stand-alone online courses or workout programs.

2. Incentivise signups with the lure of a freebie drip course included with every subscription. (People love getting extras and perceiving that they’re receiving added value.)

3. Introduce & promote your brand with a complimentary taster package of select content which can be drip fed or simultaneously released.

4. Offer bespoke course content tailored to meet the needs of an individual client.

Engaging members with a steady stream of member content which could be a monthly workout, weekly online lesson or daily motivational blog post can contribute to a member’s sense of momentum of working towards a personal goal. And this in turn, increases the “stickiness” of their loyalty to their membership.

Member retention is the ultimate objective of a membership website. And drip content can keep members interested, returning and logging in.

Follow our support guide to create your first drip content product with your SubHub membership website.

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