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Engage visitors with icons.

When building your homepage, don’t overlook the many benefits of incorporating icons into your website design.

These simple graphics can pack a powerful punch. Their elementary forms can enrich minimal content and provide page structure by rendering a visual division between text sections.

Icons have the ability to encapsulate a point and instantly convey its meaning intuitively to a user.

They are an effective graphic device to highlight and emphasize specific website content you wish to promote to your visitors – such as membership benefits.

You can use profile icons with testimonials if you don’t have member portraits. Or add icons as standalone menu buttons linking to content such as PDFs or audio and video files.

Where to find free icons.

Flaticon has an extension library of free icons for every purpose. It’s user-friendly dashboard allows you to easily edit the icons for color and scale and then download them in a variety of file types. Their versatile collection means you can always find just what you need.