Ways To Make Money From Digital Content in Social Media

Ways To Make Money From Digital Content in Social Media

Social MediaSocial media marketing won’t directly generate revenue but it will help in improving your search engine ranking and driving more traffic to your site – this will lead an increase in memberships or one-off payments.

The best way to run your social media is to co-ordinate all your channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, Google+, forums of which you’re a member, Squidoo – and post a link to your new content and also a link to one other social media outlet. This way you will create a circle of inbound links to your main content, meaning that any search for your article, no matter which social media outlet it finds, it will always lead to the content on your site.

Creating the circle of links will also increase the value of each link as your social media channels will all tie in closely. This is most often referred to as a “link wheel”. If you search that term on Google images you will find some very useful diagrams.

Social can also mean attending and possibly even hosting business networking events. These happen all the time all over the world so make sure to find out if any are happening near you. https://entrepreneur.meetup.com/ is a good place to check.


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